About Me

I'm a Midwesterner by birth and moral instincts. I grew up in St. Louis and went to college at the University of Notre Dame. Once I realized that academia would be more conducive to my flourishing than law school, I went on to do a Ph.D. at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. I taught for three years at Mount St. Mary's University in Emmitsburg, Maryland before joining Georgetown's philosophy department in 2002.

I work mostly in virtue ethics, Kantian ethics, and the space in between. I also dabble in bioethics and other areas of practical ethics. Having once aspired to be Miss Manners, I often find myself writing about various philosophical dimensions of etiquette. In 2020, this has turned into a subspeciality on the ethics and etiquette of Covid-19. You can find out more about my research by clicking on the above links.

My husband and I live in Maryland with our daughters and two exuberant dogs. Insofar as I have hobbies, they include knitting (badly), baking (well), and gardening (middling). I played middle linebacker on my college interhall football team. I admit to minor obsessions with Jane Austen and Harry Potter. I am a 2016 graduate of the Icelandic Elf School.