Upcoming and Recent Talks


Salisbury University, April 2023


Texas A&M University, February 2023


Arizona State University, November 2022


Relationship Rights Lecture Series, Rice University/University of British Columbia, October 2022 (online)

Social Space and Moral World-Building

Mudd Center for Ethics, Washington and Lee University, September 2022

Good and Bad Helping: Moral Challenges with Beneficence"

Theistic Ethics Workshop, September 2022

"Congregating Under the Banner of Virtue: Moral Progress and Kant's Visible Church"

Previous years

Philosophy as a Way of Life conference, University of Notre Dame, August 2022

"Choosing Freedom: A Kantian Guide to Life"

Berman Institute of Bioethics, Johns Hopkins University, May 2022

"When Bad Things Happen to Good Deeds: Moral Problems with Beneficence"

Virtuous and Vicious Partiality conference, Christopher Newport University, February 2022

"Smugness and Self-Conceit"

Canadian Philosophical Association, June 2021 (held virtually)

"On Etiquette and Ethics in Conversation," invited symposium on interactional ethics

Contempt in the Public Sphere workshop, July 2020 (held virtually)

“Musings on Contempt”

American Philosophical Association, Central Division, February 2020

“Inner and Outer Vice”, invited main program symposium,

“What’s Wrong with Contempt” invited group session, North American Society for Social Philosophy

Oxford University and University of Birmingham, Jubilee Centre, Virtues and Flourishing, January 2020

“Heroes Always Win: Virtue, Flourishing, and Moral Education”

Washington University-St. Louis, October 2019

“Evil Together: The Social Dimensions of Kantian Vice”

Sungkyunkwan University, Seoul, South Korea, September 2019

“Straightening Crooked Wood: Kant and Xunzi on Moral Improvement”, invited lecture, “Confucianism, Buddhism, and Kantian Moral Theory” conference , Sungkyun Institute for Confucian Studies and East Asian Philosophy

Clemson University, March 2019

“The Ethics of Impersonation,” invited lecture

Ruhr University, Bochum Germany, February 2019

"Beneficence and Indifference," invited lecture, conference on Kant and Poverty,

NEH Summer Institute, Wesleyan University, July 2018

“Kantianism as a Way of Life”